December 2023

We held a Sunday crafting event just before Christmas. The Laser Cutter was put to use making some baubles and lanterns out of plywood. Cardboard was not quite as successful, we need to work on the settings. The laser cutter still needs some fine tuning for large cuts, but for small pieces it is fantatsic. Keep your eye on Slack (for members) or Facebook for detailson training courses.

Custom made baubles
Custom made baubles
Custom made baubles
Custom made baubles
A laser cut lantern
A laser cut lantern

November 2023

Some pictures from our experience Raspberry PI 5 event. It attracted quite a bit of interest, from running Scratch to FFT analysis and the twin camera mode. Had a few problems with the latter but the issue has been sorted. Hopefully one of the PI’s will now be used in PI wars.


August 2023

Did you see us at Punk Festival Weekend in Jubilee Square? This was our first outing since COVID lockdown. We had a great time demonstrating our 3D printers and textile area.


July 2023

Halfway through the year already and we are about to roll out training on our laser cutter to the first group of members. It still needs some work to improve the accuracy, but it is great for small pieces.

We have started to run our Monday Mechatronics from 1730 to enable junior members to come along. Hopefully they will be entering PI WARS 2024.

Thursday evenings are proving popular for 3D printing and our Stitch and Bitch evenings. More information can be found on our facebook page.

Talking of 3D printing, some of our members have printed a quarter size R2D2, watch this page, and we will post a picture when it is complete. Another member is making a full size K9 from Doctor Who.

January 2023

We have recently made some changes to the layout of the Hackspace, opening up the entrance and moving some equipment around.