Virutal Pi Wars 2020

One of our members, James, was due to compete for the second year in PI WARS. Hoping to improve on last year’s performance. Unfortunately PI Wars was cancelled in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was replaced by a virtual PI Wars competition held on YouTube. Competitors had to submit a 5-minute video of their robot. Viewers then had a chance to vote and pick the best robot. All robots can be seen here

Virtual PI wars

You can see James entry below

Hackspace is "Virtually" Operating

We have left all of our regular events on the diary. At the moment we are holding zoom sessions on a Monday Evening for Mechatronics and Wednesday evening for a regular Blender tutorial. If you are interested, please check out our Facebook page for details on how to join. Monday evenings are great if you have a problem with a Raspberry PI, Microbit, Arduino, Crumble or anything electronic.

CoronaVirus Update March 17th

In line with the governments request to limit social interaction the Hackspace is stopping its Tuesday Evening open nights for new members. The website will be updated when the situation changes or if you use facebook check out our page for news.

2020 Computing Area

Thanks to sterling work by several of our members, we now have a computing area comprising 6 dual booting PC’s running Windows 10 or Linux Mint. Two of the PC’s have dual monitors and all are connected to the internet.

All PC’s have design software, 3D printing slicers, software development packages.

They were recently successfully used by our second code club session.


June 2019

We started June with two days at the Riverside Festival with for the first time our own stand. Saturday was nice and sunny, Sunday on the damp side.

Sunny Riverside
Sunny Riverside
Wet Riverside
Wet Riverside