One of our members has been accepted for PI-Wars on March 31st, watch this space to see how we get on

Laser Cutter Status

There has been some excellent work carried out by several members, resulting in a test firing of the laser. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it is available to members to use, after a suitable induction of course.


Riverside June 2018

Divya organised this years attendance at the Riverside festival. We always attract quite a bit of interest and at our first Openhack night on the Tuesday after the event had a dozen or so members of the public come to have a look at us. Three of which signed up as members.


Robotics and Mechatronic Jam April 16th

The photograph below shows Bill’s rapidly increasing collection of robots for his CodeClub.

The processors are Raspberry PI’s, Micro-Bit’s and Crumble’s. Chassis’s are made out of cardboard or 3D printed, with a 3D printed holder for the castor wheel.

All connected using crocodile clips.

I wonder what the next one will be?


Inaugral Radio Control Jam

Thursday April 5th saw the first of our Radio Control Jams, happening on the first and third Thursday of the month.

Star model of the evening was Dave’s Radio Controlled Buggy.

“I took a battered and unwanted 3 wheeled buggy and stripped it down of all unnessesary parts, designed and 3d printed adapters for the wheel hubs to take a standard toothed belt, added a second stage of gearing and used a couple of old quadcopter motors i had kicking around (with ESCs and reciever), the result is somewhat limited having very little torque at low speeds and has no reverse, but its great fun to drive!”


Why not come along to the next jam with your own project.