Become a Member

Leicester Hackspace is funded entirely by it’s members. Every month we need to pay our rent, insurance, internet and electricity bills, plus we try to raise money for equipment. Our main source of income is membership fees.

How do I become a member?

Prospective members should first come along to one of our open days on Tuesday evenings. You can just turn up between 7 and 9pm, we recommend arranging a visit by emailing

During Lockdown one of our members has created a short video tour of the Hackspace which can be viewed on our YouTube channel here.

Have a look at the space, talk to current members and confirm that you want to join. You will then be asked to complete a membership form and arrange a monthly donation via standing order or PayPal. You will be given your membership number after you have completed your membership form. This must be included when making a payment.

We ask that you donate what you feel the space is worth and you pay monthly. Once your first donation has been received you are officially a member.

If you donate more than £10/month then you can opt to purchase a storage box for a one-off fee of £5. You can store this box in the space and it is yours to keep when you leave.

What are the benefits of membership?

As a member you get free access to the space to work on your projects whenever you want; you get free access to social events in the space; you can be elected to the management committee; you can vote on fundraising priorities; you get free use of WiFi; and, most importantly, you will be actively helping to make Leicester Hackspace a success.

Is it really ‘pay what I want’?

We don’t have a fixed monthly membership fee. Please donate what you feel is appropriate. This should in part reflect how much you plan to use the space and in part how much you can afford. Even if you don’t plan to use the space a great deal then you we will still value you as a member and will welcome your financial contribution.

OK, I’m in!

Great! Fill in your Leicester Hackspace membership form (available at the Hackspace) and either set up a standing order (details on the form) or make a monthly PayPal donation using the button below. Standing order is our preferred method of payment because it does not incur fees. If you do use PayPal please add 60p for every £10 you donate to cover processing fees. Remember to make your Pay Pal donation a recurring, monthly, payment. Email for more information or to arrange a tour

Supported Payment Types

Lapsed Membership

Once you stop making your monthly donation your membership will be seen as lapsed and you will be asked to return your key fob and remove your storage box. If you are unable to make a monthly donation, but still wish to remain a member then please talk to us.