Covid19 Statement

August 2021.

We are continuing to re-open the Hackspace, desks have been set up, kitchen space has been re-opened. The onus is on members to comply with regulations.

July 2021.

We are finally getting ready to re-open and hold face to face meetings. Currently the Hackspace has been open to a maximum of 6 members at a time, preferably by booking a slot via a Calendar. Thursday night 3D printing sessions have been re-started for a maximum of 6 members at a time. Tours for new members have been given by prior appointment.

We have had to repair some of the tiles that insulate the roof, and have taken the opportunity to dispose of excess equipment. As soon as the government state we can mix inside then we will be setting up the desks and opening the kitchen area.

June 2020

When lockdown started in March the Hackspace immediately stopped all group activites and the recruitment of new members. After a couple of weeks, unrestricted access by members was stopped, and members had to request permission from the Directors to gain entry. This has been allowed to a few members for loan of equipment, completion of University projects and access to equipment for health reasons.

We have started to use our own jitsi server and zoom to hold virtual meetings, these may continue.

Now in June 2020 the Directors and a few members are looking at how we could re-open when we are legally able to do so.

This page will be updated when the details have been finalised as to how members can gain access, and how new members can join.

Currently we believe that some form of social distancing will be required, which implies that the number of members in the Hackspace will have to be controlled. To this end we are looking at a booking system.

Other measures may entail the wearing of face masks, closure of the snackspace / kitchen area.

To enable members to monitor the current occupancy of the Hackspace, a chart showing current occupancy is available below. Note that this shows movement in the Hackspace and not numbers of people.