Moving to New Premises

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July 2016

This weekend the bulk of the equipment located at the members yard was moved to our new premises at the Innovation Centre with access from Bonners Lane. Our new premises are approximately 3 times the area of the Makers Yard.

Leicester's Riverside Festival

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th June 2016

We had a stand at this year's festival alongside the Restart stand with a generator to supply power to us and the Junk Food project next door. This allowed us to demonstrate the newly refurbished Wimshurst static electricity machine, plastic milk bottle recycling and 3D printing. Lots of visitors came and took away leaflets and signed our newsletter email list. By the end of the day, Tony had created another block of HDPE plastic from the milk bottles using an Aldi brownie maker, and Keith had printed lots of small plastic clips. We also sold a 3D printed owl, had a few donations and several members of the general public had been given mild electric shocks!

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The High Voltage Club

In April 2016 we acquired a home built Wimshurst machine - a high voltage static electricity generator - from the Leicester Radio Society. This machine has an interesting history, having been in storage for years and probably made by John Eley a local trader and radio amateur who used to run a military and surplus electronics shop in Beatrice Road, Leicester. He died in April 2015 aged 88. The construction is interesting, with the pulleys clearly being made from the drive cord drums found in the tuning dials of old radios. Some refurbishment was needed to get it going - in the spirit of a Maker group some new high voltage pickups were fabricated from old beer cans! Here it is producing sparks from spoons electrostatically attracted to one another.

Leicester Creators Fair at The National Space Centre!

Saturday 19th September 2015 – 10:00 until 17:00 (Day One)

Well today we saw the start of the Leicester Creators Fair hosted by The National Space Centre. The event was held over the Saturday and Sunday.

What started off a fairly slow morning turned into a very busy afternoon on the Saturday. I have to say, being the first ever Leicester Makers Fair for me, I was extremely impressed with what was on offer. I was especially impressed with the ‘Musical Floppy Drives’ created by a fellow member called Aaron, who would have thought it, seriously, something that would ordinarily go into the bin would be salvaged and made to play music. I heard it play many tunes and was extremely impressed.

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SEED Networking Event

Sun, 10 May 2015


On Thursday 19th March 2015 we were able to have a stand at SEED Creative just round the corner from the Makers Yard. Primarily aimed at local students we got a lot of interest in our 3D printing and prototyping possibilities. Thanks to Anthony for support for the whole afternoon, and to Holly at SEED Creative for inviting us.

Strawbees Challenge

Mon, 23 Mar 2015


We hosted our first challenge build night, were with intentionally limited materials members launch airflow balls as far as they could. Members were allowed to use any tools in the hackspace (the soldering iron works surprisingly well for welding drinking straws together) to built mostly catapults (also some crossbows and some devices where I cannot even think of a name).

The winner went home with their very own Raspberry Pi, with the runner up with a Arduino Uno and in third place a load of Sugru. Well done on Mega Max for winning and everyone else for taking part. Mega Max won with 145 points.

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