Summary of 2017

2017 saw our membership expand at the De Montfort University Innovation Centre, so that in November we moved to our new location on the Faircharm Industrial Estate.

There is an event now on every weekday evening, nominally between 1830 and 2130.

Monday evenings alternate between Crypto Club, Arduino Jam, Robotics - Mechatronic, and Raspberry Pi Jam.

Tuesday evenings remains the Open Hack Night for new members

Wednesday evenings is a members only hack night.

Thursday evenings saw the introduction of a members only 3D printing club and a textiles evening.

Friday nights alternate between TableTop Gaming and Role Playing.

All details can be found on the Diary page.

Slack has been introduced for Members only Communication

Facebook and Meetup are used to attract new members

SideFest's Creat-A-Con

Saturday 30th July 2016

We had a great day exhibiting at Creat-A-Con hosted at De Montfort University by their students. Our augmented reality sandbox was clearly the most successful attraction of the day and thoroughly enjoyed by many adults and kids alike. We also had other great stuff to show off: Matt's 3D printer, a whole section dedicated to Steve's Raspberry Pi robotics and scratch activities for kids, 3D projections by Isis and Artur. Tony's Wimshurst machine produced some great sparks and was a source of great fascination to visitors who had never had the chance to learn about static electricity at school. Thanks to those who attended and all those who did the hard work to make it a great success.

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